Lodging Tax

Through the lens of DG

The lodging tax has been the most highly debated topic of this year's election. PACs on both sides of the table have spent thousands of dollars lobbying for their cause, turning the local paper into a picture book of full-page ads in support of, or against, the tax. The onslaught of information from both sides has left many community members unsure where they stand on the tax.

Local photographer and film producer David Gonzales was one of those people. As an engaged member of the Jackson Hole community, Gonzales's set out on a mission to have a balanced conversation with advocates on either side to learn more about the tax. By asking his own questions and recording the responses, he has created a series of informational video interviews to share with the community.

"The lodging tax debate isn't just about the lodging tax. It's a discussion about change, and about what each of us wants Jackson Hole to be, and whether those hopes are likely, realistic, or worth fighting for." ~ David Gonzales

"I recorded these interviews to figure out my own feelings and rationale about the tax, by asking my own questions. I care about the tax because I care about Jackson's fate," said Gonzales. The PACs on either side had no influence on these videos. This was purely a passion project that Gonzales took on through his own quest for conversation and information about the tax.

Jim Stanford

Jackson Town Council - Against the tax

Greg Epstein

Teton County Commissioner - For the tax

Bill Phelphs

Enough is Enough JH - Against the tax

Tim Harland

Board Chair, Jackson Hole Chamber Of Commerce - For the tax

Pete Muldoon

Jackson Mayor - Discusses the tax


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