VICTOR, Idaho — Teton Valley production company Fisher Creative is in production for a new documentary “Human Unity,” a film that looks into the direct volunteer efforts that are making an impact on the war in Ukraine in the hopes of inspiring continued humanitarian relief.

“Human Unity” explores how men and women, Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian, businesses and private citizens and civilians and soldiers are coming together to support the Ukrainian resistance to Russia’s invasion.

“The core value of Fisher Creative is to create transformational experiences and create content that delivers transformational change,” says Mark Fisher, founder, CEO, director, D.P. and photographer of the production company, of wanting to tell these narratives. “We’re really focused on projects that move the needle.”

According to Fisher, the unjust nature of the invasion of Ukraine struck a chord with him. He wanted to make a positive impact in Ukraine and decided to use storytelling to share people’s perspective in hopes of then donating profits back to humanitarian relief efforts. Fisher’s most recent trip to Ukraine highlighted for him how much the Ukrainian people need the rest of the world to stay engaged to have a chance against Russia.

“There’s this overwhelming sense with Ukrainians…that the fight has to be worth it.”

Mark Fisher

“People have to remain hopeful, people have to remain resilient and people have to get on with their lives,” Fisher says. “Even in times of great mourning and great loss, there’s this overwhelming sense with Ukrainians that I interact with that the fight has to be worth it. It’s not about downplaying the loss, it’s about this message of hope that it’s worth it. The suffering and loss is worth the greater goal at the end.”

Fisher hopes the Jackson Hole and Teton Valley communities will be reminded of “how fortunate we are” and become a little less selfish with individual interests. “Human Unity” advocates for spreading love and shows just how impactful it can be to support neighbors and others.

There will be a virtual event for “Human Unity” on Thursday, May 25, at 10:30 a.m. MST with the aim of increasing awareness and understanding of the war in Ukraine.

To learn more and access the virtual event, click here, or reach out to Mark Fisher at to get involved.

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