Teton Tutors offering extended online tutoring hours while schools are closed

JACKSON, Wyo. — Teton Tutors is offering extended hours for online/remote tutoring! Families who are concerned that their children might fall behind their current curriculum, who are looking for help completing their school’s online assignments or who want to make sure that their kids stay stimulated while at home and away from school will have the option to meet with tutors virtually.

Teton Tutors offers online tutoring in all levels of math, test preparation, reading and phonics intervention, and even languages including Spanish, French and Mandarin. “This could be a chance for fifth graders to brush up on their math skills before their spring placement exam,” says owner, Garrett Austen. With so many tutors on staff, students have the option to learn a new skill, language, or even solidify understandings from previous school units.

Teton Tutors has even been running its most popular after school club, Dungeons and Dragons, online this week. “It’s a cool online platform that lets kids interact with their friends from a distance while still gaining all the benefits of Dungeons and Dragons like communication, math, probability, vocabulary and storytelling,” says Austen.

“Teton Tutors definitely has the capacity to keep kids inspired and learning no matter what the situation.”

Visit TetonTutors.org or e-mail [email protected] for more information.

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