JACKSON, Wyo. — Teton Rental is now offering Seeds Trust heirloom, open-pollinated seeds, which are regarded for their resilience to high-altitude climates and are well adapted to the Rocky Mountain and Southwest growing regions.

These high-quality seeds play a crucial role in increasing ecological biodiversity. In addition, by purchasing seeds from Seeds Trust, you are voting with your dollars to support small businesses, local farmers and responsibly-sourced seeds, while also supporting a woman-owned business committed to providing seed-saving resources and workshops.

Teton Rental also carries Snake River Seed co-op to meet all your garden needs this spring and summer! What’s so special about Snake River Seed Co-op? They are small and very local! Many companies buy seeds from all over the world, filling packets with their company logo in big warehouses with machines and robots, and computers. Snake River Seed Cooperative is a collective of 54 small-scale family farmers working together to produce a wide diversity of locally-adapted seeds across the Intermountain West.

Due to the careful attention paid by the growers during each generation of planting, selecting, and saving, these seeds have been finely adapted to this truly unique place on earth, with many cold-hardy, high-altitude-loving, and drought-tolerant varieties to choose from.

Even more noteworthy, however, is that these seeds are 100% non-GMO, open-pollinated, and untreated. In fact, each of Snake River Seed Cooperative’s seed farmers has taken a pledge to keep their field or garden free of any synthetic herbicide, pesticide, or fertilizer, so you don’t have to worry about a thing when you plant them in your garden (except maybe about how many you can fit)!

As farmers themselves, Snake River Seed Cooperative delights in boosting biodiversity – offering unique Great Basin natives alongside beloved heirloom varieties to give Intermountain West gardeners a bounty of over 350 varieties to play with.

SRSC believes that sharing seed-saving knowledge with farmers and the public in our region is vital to growing a robust, regional seed shed. When you purchase seeds from Snake River Seed Cooperative, you support local family farms, robust biodiversity, small businesses, and the many seed-saving education classes SRSC puts on throughout the year. (Not to mention their Community Seed Donation program which has already donated over 1000 packets of seeds to deserving Intermountain West groups in 2021 alone!)

Snake River Seed Cooperative growers truly believe in the natural abundance of seeds and grow their top-of-the-line seeds using sustainable methods in low-input systems that more closely mirror most home gardens. This ensures that the seeds in their packets will perform well in any garden, including yours!