Teton Raptor Center offers raptor-focused training for river guides

JACKSON HOLE, WYO — Every river guide gets it: “What’s that bird in that tree?”

It might be a bald eagle, red-tailed hawk, or osprey. After a while, seasoned locals get pretty good at spotting and identifying birds of prey in our region. Still, it never hurts to learn more or get a refresher course.

Quick, what is this bird? (TRC)

Teton Raptor Center is offering an up-close look at raptors for those leading wildlife tours and rafting trips in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Experts will be on hand to showcase the Center’s avian ambassadors (live educational birds), share raptor natural history info, answer questions, and help with identification of local birds.

How to tell at a glance the difference between a goshawk and an osprey, even if you can’t make out the whole bird or just see the underside as it flies by. It’s useful training every guide will relish.

TRC is offering these programs at the Old Wilson Schoolhouse Community Center in Wilson two days only. Saturday, May 25; and Tuesday, May 28. Both classes are from 4-6pm. A $10 per guide donation is suggested, payable at the door. Door prizes will be awarded.

Contact operations director Lisa Friesecke if you or someone you know wants in on these informative sessions. Call 307-203-2551 or email.

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