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Terra Firma LLC is on its way to being approved for a frnachsie agreement with the Town of Jackson to haul compost waste and recyclable materials. Photo: Patricia Valério

JACKSON, Wyo. — The Jackson Town Council passed the first reading of a franchise agreement with Terra Firma LLC, to collect and haul compostable material and recyclable materials to Teton County Integrated Solid Waste & Recycling Center and Teton Transfer Station.

The agreement will need to pass the second and third reading before being officially approved. Terra Firma LLC will join existing franchises operating in the town of Jackson.

During the Council’s discussion, Councilmember Jonathan Schechter brought up bear-proof trash cans and the possibility of a town-wide ordinance. Schechter asked, is there flexibility in the agreement as written that if we come along in a few months and say we want to require bear-proof trash cans or we want to do this, that or the other thing, that we can ask the applicant to do that or are we locking ourselves into the terms that wouldn’t allow that and so we wouldn’t be able to revisit it for five years?”

“When there is a new law in the town they should have to comply with that law,” Town Attorney Lea Colasuonno said.

“The person putting out the trash is likely going to be the regulated party,” Colasuonno said.

Trey Overdyke spoke on behalf of Terra Firma Services, an independent affiliate of Terra Firma Organics.

“We would certainly entertain and be a part of the solution for bear-proofing waste. We would also volunteer to participate in any kind of pilot program or test the effectiveness of certain receptacles in certain locations,” Overdyke said.

The contract will be in place for five years. At the end of the fourth year, it will be reviewed and modifications can be made during that period.

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