Suspect identified in bomb hoax threat

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – A circuit court judge today granted a Wyoming bench warrant for a man wanted in connection to multiple bomb threats made in Jackson last week.

Kreighton Kilgore, 33, is suspected of being the man who called in threats of a bomb about to go off at St. John’s Medical Center, Bank of Jackson Hole, and Albertsons. Kilgore is a Jackson native with a lengthy rap sheet, according to Jackson Police Department Lt. Roger Schultz.

“Many of us know him and have had various contacts with him throughout the years,” Schultz said. “A warrant was issued on him for the same thing in 2012.”

Schultz said Kilgore now lives out of state and the department would rather keep it that way. ”He’s not the kind of guy you want to bring back to our community,” he said.

The warrant is executable in the state of Wyoming only, meaning no attempt will be made to extradite Kilgore back to Teton County but he would be arrested and detained should he be discovered in the state again.

Schultz said the investigation identifying Kilgore as the suspect was fairly routine. The hospital has a call log that showed a cell phone number known to belong to Kilgore made the call. Police pinged the cell phone and determined it was located outside the state of Wyoming where Kilgore is thought to be now living.

Police determined Kilgore’s threats were not credible but not before deploying resources to more than one location on Friday, January 19 when the calls came in.

“These kinds of things have to be taken seriously and they take up a lot of the department’s time and effort, ultimately for nothing,” Schultz said.

Kilgore is well known to most local law enforcement officers. In 2008, he dragged a police officer for a few feet after his vehicle was stopped for a possible hit-and-run violation. Kilgore then led officers on a high-speed chase through town before being rammed off the road by police and Maced into submission.

Kilgore is being charged with making Terroristic Threats.

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