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JACKSON, Wyo. — The sense of community interconnectedness is at the heart of Jackson Hole. A strong, resilient, thriving community is built on a foundation of meaningful connections — among individuals, among families, friends, and neighbors. It’s part of what makes our town a vibrant and welcoming place.

Family violence, abuse, and exploitation all undercut these connections and harm not only the victims but the entire community. Whether individuals are facing them in their own lives or not, these issues impact each segment of Jackson Hole. Like the expanding rings from a pebble thrown in a pond, the ripples touch everyone.

Growing Stronger Together is an opportunity to support the innovative ways in which Teton Youth & Family Services and Community Safety Network work together and offer priceless services to survivors and families every day.

“Trauma caused by violence, neglect, or exploitation can be very isolating,” says Sarah Cavallaro, Executive Director of Teton Youth & Family Services. “Offering support and compassion through that pain, and helping young people discover meaningful connections to peers and caring adults is one of the most critical elements of not only surviving a crisis but also to thriving in life.”

Photo: Teton Youth and Family Services
Photo: Teton Youth and Family Services

CSN and TYFS both offer invaluable support to those who have suffered from these kinds of crises. They help survivors and youth regain their sense of connection to themselves, as well as forge new, healthy connections throughout the community.

“It’s paramount that anyone navigating the challenges of intimate partner violence has genuine, caring support from those around them. Friends, family, coworkers, and informed advocates — offering connection to families healing from trauma is a priceless lifeline,” agrees CSN Executive Director Andy Cavallaro. “When we can collaborate with TYFS to give families layers of support, we can offer an unparalleled quality of help and hope.”

County Commissioner Natalia Macker agrees: “In Jackson Hole, we’re all connected. Supporting those in our community who have faced challenges is an investment in all of us.”

“Growing Stronger Together is an opportunity to support the brilliant ways these organizations work together and offer priceless services to victims and young people every day,” affirms Jackson Mayor Hailey Morton Levinson.

Growing Stronger Together is a unique opportunity to ensure that these services remain available indefinitely: everyone’s chance to invest in meaningful connections.

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