Summer People’s Market starts next week

JACKSON, WY — Wednesdays are for food and community.

The 10th season of Slow Food in the Tetons’ weekly People’s Market is BACK starting Wednesday, May 29.

Every Wednesday from 4-7 p.m., local growers and producers will gather at the base of Snow King to sell fresh or prepared food directly to consumers and supply the community with clean, local food.

This year both prepared and packaged food and drink vendors are required to include one local (within 100 miles of Jackson) or regional (within 250 miles) ingredient in their products at every market. Signage at each of the vendor booths will highlight the local and or regional ingredient(s) used.

Photo: Morgan Bruemmer

“Voting with your dollar is perhaps the most important way that a consumer can do their part to create positive change in our food system,” says Executive Director Scott Steen. “The People’s Market vendors are on board to support their neighborhood farmers and ranchers by sourcing local ingredients despite the potential for increased ingredient costs. It is now up to the public to respond in affirmation and in support. Local ingredients are often fresher, healthier and better for the environment than alternatives. I hope that shoppers understand the added value and respond in a positive way.”

Residents and visitors alike can experience a wide variety of locally-produced food from farmers, ranchers, food entrepreneurs, and prepared food vendors. Walking through the market, one of the first food stops for the grocery shopper might be Cosmic Apple Gardens, who has been selling USDA Organic and Biodynamic produce at the market since the People’s Market began ten years ago. Further down the row, shoppers can find an array of different cheese options: goat cheese from Winter Winds Farm and Slow Goat Farm or sheep cheese from Rosemary and Thyme Creamery and Lark’s Meadow Farm. This year we are excited to have Huidekoper Ranch selling their delicious Wilson-grown plant starts and produce.

Another local food stop not to be missed is the 20-foot Wyoming Local booth, a collaboration between two amazing Star Valley growers, Haderlie Farms and Shumway Farms.

There are also dozens of packaged food vendors like Custard Mustard with delicious mustard and Sticks and Stones Cookie Co. with their frozen “take and bake” cookie dough, both products made with locally sourced eggs.

If someone is looking for immediate satisfaction, hot food can be found from vendors like the Everest Momo Shack selling Nepalese food, Rosas Tamales with Mexican cuisine, In Season with sourdough pizzas, Artisan Melt’s fancy grilled cheese or Glory Bowl Soup Company’s salads and power bowls.

The market also is proud to feature a variety of business entrepreneurs selling non-food items, each with some element of sustainability incorporated in the design or manufacturing. “I Love Natural” sells fragrant soaps and jewelry made from salvaged metal from the Jackson recycling bin. A handful of clothing vendors like Bee Warm, WyoWhy and Way Cool Clothing have a lovely selection made from up-cycled materials. Tatonka Rose and Naturally Wild and Free feature items made from foraged materials like porcupine quills, antlers, wood, and natural stones.

Photo: Morgan Bruemmer

Slow Food in the Tetons welcomes everyone to experience the tantalizing smells, sounds, and tastes of the People’s Market. Between the aroma of fresh cut flowers from Red House Flowers and baked bread to the friendly banter of long-time vendors and friends, the market is the perfect way to spend a Wednesday afternoon.  Slow Food encourages folks to bring a shopping list to stock up for the entire week on meat, veggies, bread, cheese, fermented and canned food as well as sweet treats. If food shopping is not a priority, there are dozens of other reasons to come to the market like grabbing a last minute dinner, hosting a kids’ playdate at Phil Baux Park or meeting friends for an evening of fun, food, live music, and drinks.

Located in the heart of the market under the Phil Baux Park Pavillion, the eight-week program allows campers the opportunity to meet and purchase fresh ingredients directly from our community’s local food producers. Slow Food Cooking Camp instructor Elizabeth Ferguson explains, “Our summer cooking classes teach students to ask important questions about local and ethical food production. All summer long, we learn about the connection between local farms, our community, the environment, personal health — and especially their own fork!”

Led by Ferguson and wearing cooking aprons, campers from third to fifth grade old can be seen shopping the market and gathering ingredients for that afternoon’s recipe. Then they return to Slow Food in the Tetons’ mobile kitchen, learn safe cooking practices while incorporating healthy recipes, and take their prepared food home for family and friends to enjoy. A total of four scholarships are available for this camp program.

The People’s Market diverted 85% of its waste from the landfill in 2018 through reuse and reduction programs, composting and recycling. This year Slow Food in the Tetons continued to grow its zero waste initiative by adding reusable flatware, reusable ramekins for sample tasting and additional reusable bowl and cup size options for prepared food.

There will also be a totally new look to the Zero Waste Station with clear and consistent labeling making it easier for the user to separate trash, compost, recycling, and reused items. Attendees are encouraged to bring and fill up their own reusable water bottles at the JH2O Station, as well as to bring shopping bags. Slow Food in the Tetons’ 2019 summer goal is to reach 90% waste diversion with these initiatives.

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