Ice Advice: Sublette County Sheriff, Tip Top SAR share ice safety tips

JACKSON, Wyo. —It’s ice skating and ice fishing season in Jackson Hole, with recreationists getting out on the newly frozen lakes around the valley, Tip Top Seach and Rescue and Sublette County Sheriff’s Office shared safety advice to keep in mind while hanging out above these frigid waters.

Follow these safety tips when recreating on or near ice this winter:

  1. Let someone know where you are going if you plan on heading out on the ice alone.
  2. Spread out- for both social distancing and weight precautions, avoid standing in big groups.
  3. Ice is still weak during this time of year, test several spots before picking an area to be.
  4. If you see someone fall through the ice avoid going out to help them, the ice is weak. Call 911. Reach or throw something to assist them and watch for their last seen point if they go underwater.

What to do if you fall through the ice:

  1. Remain calm, do your best to keep your head and face above water.
  2. DO NOT remove your clothing, your clothes will help to keep you warmer because of the trapped air between layers.
  3. Turn around facing the direction you came from, this is probably the strongest ice.
  4. If you have an ice ax or pick, stab the ice as far as you can reach and kick to pull yourself up, roll away from the area to displace your weight rather than attempting to walk across the weak area.


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