Stuck plow on runway causes a few diverted flights on Christmas

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Airport officials confirmed a hiccup yesterday on the runway caused the diversion of a few flights.

Airport director Jim Elwood explained that the large plow they use to clear the runway was in the middle of cleaning things up in preparation for early evening arrivals when it blew a front right tire.

“These were new tires put on this season, so we are looking into why that would have happened,” Elwood said.

The equipment is as big as a semi and not something simply towed out of the way. And, of course, part of Jackson Hole Airport’s charm is there is not another runway to use as a backup.

So, the call was made to divert a few flights to Denver and Salt Lake. Affected airlines—Delta, American, United—are already catching up on the schedule, flying those passengers in this morning.

Everything looks good for today. Flights thus far are arriving and departing on time. The Airport reminds travelers to avoid parking in the lot. It’s full. Also, the standard two-hours ahead of your departing flight—while not often adhered to at our small airport—is not a bad rule of thumb during the busy holiday season.

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