State of the START: Transit system releases annual report

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Everything there is to know about START and then some is readily available with the annual release of the transit system’s operation review report.

For instance, do you know what the acronym START stands for? Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit (START).

Revenue sources (START)

The report highlights ridership data, performance indicators, and financial information including operating revenue sources as well as operating expenditures. The report also outlines bus and route statistics along with goals and strategic objectives for future years.

This past year proved to be a historic one in the agency’s 30-year history. START recorded more than one million riders without significant changes to existing services.

“It’s encouraging to see continued momentum surrounding public transportation in this valley,” said Darren Brugmann, START Bus Director.

START currently hosts a fleet of 24 active buses and 4 paratransit vans operating in an 86-mile service region. There are 15 bus shelters and 70 stand-alone stops—all spanning three counties in two states.


START also owns, operates and maintains a fleet of 55 bikes in the shared START Bike program.

START’s 2018 fiscal year ended on June 30, 2018. An annual report was presented to the START Board at the August 9 meeting held at the Jackson Town Hall. View the START Operations Report online or contact START bus directly at (307) 733-4521 to obtain a hardcopy of the report.

“We began our drive over 30 years ago as a small, local transit provider providing trips between the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and the Town of Jackson,” Brugmann said. “We have grown to be an essential option of moving around our region. Along the way, we are ever mindful of the importance of delivering a consistent, quality experience to our customers and the value of providing transportation options based on our love for the environment.”

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