JACKSON, Wyo. — You don’t need us to tell you that summer is short in Jackson Hole! The instructors at Pursue JH want you outside this summer testing your limits, playing with balance, and seeing just how far you can go.

Whether you run, bike, swim, climb, paddle, hike, or play outside with your kids, accidents can happen, but they don’t have to derail you! You can be ready for anything you encounter in the mountains by building a strong fitness foundation and a body that’s durable, flexible, and resilient!

Pursue wants you performing your best this summer and getting outside as much as possible. That’s why they’re offering a special summer membership option so you can continue to maintain your core strength and balance, and play hard in the mountains.

  • Pursue 2 times per week Membership for $169/per month
  • Pursue 3 times per week Membership for $189/per month

Look at this membership option as a way to keep you grounded in the basics yet still on your toes! Pursue offers comprehensive fitness solutions; with training that improves cardiovascular endurance such as their Condition, Cycle, and Boxing classes, to their core strengthening and muscle endurance classes including Barre and Megaformer, and Yoga and Mat Pilates to aid in recovery, balance, and rejuvenation. You’ll be running and biking farther, climbing and hiking faster, and taking less time to recover between all your summer endeavors.

Pursue’s summer promo pricing is available with a 4-month commitment starting on or before June 15 and ending on October 15. For additional information about this membership option, please visit Pursue JH’s website here. And, to learn more about what Pursue offers, and why, click here.

Pursue = Strength + Cardio/Endurance + Flexibility. It’s everything you need under one roof!