Spectrum’s feud, NBC blackout to be discussed by town officials

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Was yesterday’s Spectrum internet outage the last straw? For many, the cable provider is public enemy number one after its dispute with Northwest Broadcasting caused an NBC blackout that cancelled numerous Super Bowl home parties and now dampens patriotism as the Olympics are also victim to the corporate impasse.

Town government officials have been getting an earful as well from frustrated constituents who don’t know where to turn. As customers are reportedly fleeing the cable giant in droves for other options like internet-based TV or satellite, the town council has decided to reconsider the franchise agreement it has with Spectrum at a workshop next Tuesday.

The council will discuss what recourse it has in continuing to allow the cable company certain rights and privileges under the agreement when operating in Jackson. For instance, in exchange for the use of public right-of-way for its infrastructure needs, the town also has a right to make sure customers are being treated fairly.

It is hoped senior manager of government affairs Erik Rasmussen will make time to attend the meeting or at least phone in.

According to assistant town manager Roxanne Robinson, numerous Spectrum customers in town have reached out to elected officials and the town’s attorney regarding their dissatisfaction with the service and the inability to watch the Olympics. Some are wondering what their options are if they decide to withhold a portion of their cable bill for the month of February.

Town attorney Audrey Cohen-Davis has contacted Spectrum to advise the company they may want to send a representative to the town’s workshop February 20 at 3pm.

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