South Leigh Creek Bridge in Alta ready to go

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. — Construction on the bridge over South Leigh Creek on Stateline Road in Alta is just about finished. The newly restored bridge will be unveiled this Friday.

The construction project is on Stateline Road between 5000N and 6000N where the bridge has been inaccessible for many years. The project includes reconstruction of approximately one mile of road and a bridge installation at South Leigh Creek.

The bridge was damaged in the 1990s, and that has caused a gap in the road network ever since. Stream restoration work on South Leigh Creek is also part of the project as great care has been taken to provide vegetation mitigation and improve aquatic habitat in areas where the creek had been damaged by vehicles driving through it for many years.

“We’re excited for this important project to come to a completion and extremely thankful to many people who worked on making it happen,” said Teton County Engineer Amy Ramage.

The project cost a total of $950,780.22. Action Excavation performed the work along with Nelson Engineering.

To celebrate the completion of the project, members of the public are invited to join Teton County Commissioners, county staff, stakeholders and contractors from Action Excavation for a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday, December 13, at 1 p.m. The ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place on the south side of South Leigh Creek Bridge between 5000N and 6000N on Stateline Road.

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