Songwriter Aaron Davis expands The Mystery Machine

You’re being beckoned to enter The Mystery Machine, Era II. A gathering of the vibes. A batch of original songs will premier, riffed and grooved by seasoned local musicians that will take stage together for the first time. For songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Aaron Davis, it’s a product of woodshedding songs since the announcement of Screen Door Porch’s hiatus last September.

Presented by Three Hearted Recording, Era II of Davis’s latest musical venture – Aaron Davis & the Mystery Machine – will play out this Friday and Saturday, Feb 2-3 at the Silver Dollar Showroom followed by a Teton Valley run March 2 at The Trap Bar and March 3 at the Knotty Pine. 

What started as a casual, mostly acoustic project in 2013 has evolved into a multi-headed beast of a Machine in ’18, comprised of unbolted, recital-ready components that were conjured up to work the dirt. In a addition to Davis singing and wielding electric guitar and banjo, he’ll be joined by a rotation of seven collaborators over four shows in the next month including Ben Winship (bass, mandolin, vocals), One Ton Pig members Jason Baggett (drums) and Matt Herron (fiddle), Mike Patton (keys), Greg Creamer (guitar, vocals), David Bundy (bass) and Shawn Fleming (drums).

“This has been a fortuitous project for me, propelled by a bit of risk and reliant on talented players to help keep the train on track,” Davis admitted. “It keeps me and everyone else teetering on the edge, and I’ve learned that it’s alright to have one foot dangling. I’ve just never put this many friends in musical danger simultaneously. But these guys are some of the most heads-up players I’ve come to know in Teton County, so the potential for spontaneous combustion is at an all-time high.”

Davis has released eight albums across four projects since moving to Wyoming in 2001, but has never debuted this much material at a single show. Most of the music was composed in Kentucky and North Carolina during an October road trip last year.

The band will be playing a handful of festival dates across the region this summer. For Davis’s full show calendar with The Mystery Machine, Boondocks, Songwriter’s Alley and solo, visit

Tinker and dance with the machine on either side of the Tetons.

JH run
Fri/Sat Feb 2-3 @ Silver Dollar Showroom (7:30-11p)Aaron Davis (voc, guitar, banjo), Jason Baggett (drums), Greg Creamer (guitar, voc), Matt Herron (fiddle), Mike Patton (keys), Ben Winship (bass, voc)

Teton Valley Run
March 2 @ The Trap Bar (3-6p) + March 3 @ Knotty Pine (8p)AD (voc, guitar, banjo), David Bundy (bass), Shawn Fleming (drums), Greg Creamer (guitar, voc), Mike Patton (keys), Ben Winship (mandolin, voc)

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