Center for the Arts - Songs from The Center with Inland Isle
Inland Isle will perform a virtual live session from The Center Stage on Friday, May 29 at 5 p.m. Photo: The Center for the Arts

JACKSON, Wyo. — Join the Center for the Arts this Friday, May 29 at 5 p.m. for a virtual live session with Inland Isle, a folk-rock culmination of the ambitious original music that has been simmering in the Jackson Hole music scene for the past decade.

The live stream performance can be viewed on the event website HERE or on The Center’s Facebook page.

The Inland Isle show is a part of the “Songs from the Center” series, which features a live virtual performance every Friday from a local or national artist.

Briefly a new iteration of the well-known local group Canyon Kids, Inland Isle became its own entity after singer-songwriter and guitarist Pat Chadwick (The Flannel Attractions) joined the band and melded his compositional and vocal slings with those of lead songwriter and lead guitarist Dusty Nichols.

The transition was complete after basis Leif Routman (Freda Felcher) and drummer-producer Shawn Fleming (The Dark Red Seed) took a more active role in arranging the music, even adding their voices to the mix for precise four-part harmonies.

After escaping to a Montana cabin to record their debut album in the fall of 2019, Inland Isle successfully funded a Kickstarter project to release the music later this year.

While songs are set in dramatic rock landscapes with instrument tones ranging from dirty to psychedelic, they are anchored by intimate, introspective and sometimes political lyrics sung expressively by Chadwick atop the band’s heady backing vocals.