JACKSON HOLE, WYO – With abundant snow remaining on Snow King Mountain after one of the best snow years in recent history, Snow King announces it will be conducting additional grooming operations for uphill travelers during the month of April.

“We are excited with the opportunity to give back to our local uphill community after a such an amazing snow year and I look forward to seeing people enjoy more turns on the hill this spring,” commented General Manager Ryan Stanley.

Through the support of many local uphill users Exum Mountain guides raised funds to support grooming operations following the closure of the mountain for the season.

Grooming is planned for April 10, 15, 22, and 29. Grooming will take place from approximately 8am to 1pm on the Elk, Lower Elk, and Holy Land ski runs. Signage will be posted at the base of the mountain during grooming operations.

Uphill travelers are advised to stay away from groomers that will be using winch cables and away from the areas being groomed during these times for their safety. Uphill traffic is permitted at user’s own risk on the mountain following closure of the lifts for the season.

No hazards are marked, there is no boundary fencing, and no ski patrol is present. Grooming will cease if snow levels are insufficient to keep the grooming equipment from disturbing bare ground.