Snow King Resort apologizes for unauthorized mowing near summit

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Snow King is saying fall mowing of an area outside its resort operating lease with the Forest Service was an honest mistake.

Snow King Mountain Resort says it is working closely with the US Forest Service and District Ranger Mary Moore to better understand their operating agreement and how that pertains to mowing during summer months. Snow King officials say they have a “great relationship” with the Bridger-Teton NF but admit they have failed in their interpretation of the operating plan, and apologize sincerely for any action that would jeopardize this relationship or any wildlife habitat.

“Maintaining a great relationship with both the US Forest Service and the community as a whole is the upmost of importance to Snow King Mountain,” the resort’s General Manager Ryan Stanley said in a press release today. “Management operated in what they believed was allowed under the operating plan, and will work with District Ranger Mary Moore to accept full responsibility and mitigate their unattended impacts.”

Stanley added, “Snow King Mountain Resort takes the job of stewarding our public lands under our lease seriously. We are committed to doing the right thing and using this opportunity to clarify our operating agreement and move forward to mitigate our impacts of this action.”

Last Wednesday, crews under direction from Stanley mowed several acres on the backside of the mountain near the summit in an area called Sunshine Bowl. At the time, Stanley told Buckrail it was standard procedure in preparation for winter though he did admit some acreage beyond what is typically mowed was cut in order to clear more terrain for uphill skiers this winter.

Martin acknowledged the work was not authorized by the Forest Service and not allowed under Snow King’s lease agreement.

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