JACKSON, Wyo. — The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is home to a rich array of species, but no animal is more symbolic of Jackson Hole than the mighty moose.

Buckrail photographer Nick Sulzer recently captured some winning shots of local moose, and we asked Buckrail readers to send in their photos of local moose sightings.

See below for our favorites.

Video: Bill Healey
Photo: Scott Fossel

Like other large mammals in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, moose are about to enter their rut season. Moose are solitary creatures for most of the year, except during the mating season, which runs from late September into early October.

Photo: Linda Aurelio
Photo: Bill Healey

Recent findings from Jackson’s moose collaring program suggest that about half of the local moose population migrates up into Grand Teton National Park or onto the Teton Pass area for the summer, while about half stay in the valley as resident moose.

Photo: Lisa Finkelstein

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