JACKSON, Wyo. — Jackson Hole Airport (JAC) unveiled its new restaurant yesterday Dec. 19, as part of the airport’s latest improvements in a set of projects that began in Spring 2021.

The new restaurant boasts a full bar with leather seating and is surrounded by booths and tables with ample space for travelers to charge devices and complete work.

An expansive painting by local artist Amy Ringholz spreads across the north wall of the airport and pays tribute to the valley’s diverse wildlife.

Titled “Boundless” the painting’s attribution reads:

“They were here before us. They will be here when we are gone. They work together in perfect harmonious cycles. They are all different but occupy the same home. They guide us. They teach us. They inspire us. They humble us. Our love for animals is infinite.”

The Jackson Hole Airport has undergone several improvements since it initially reopened in June. For an overview of these projects visit JAC’s website here.

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