A message from Shannon Brennan, candidate for St. John’s Health Board of Trustees:

Vote for Shannon Brennan for St. John’s Health Board of Trustees on or before November 8.

JACKSON, Wyo. — The future direction of our hospital rests in the hands of you, the voters.  SJH Board consists of seven elected members of which four – over half  – of the positions are up for vote on Nov. 8.  After the election, the new board will be making decisions on how and where healthcare is made available to you and, essentially at what cost.  Your careful selection of SJH leadership is important because if you don’t have good health, nothing else matters.

The current board has done many things to address community needs by supporting the expansion of longer-term care facilities, maintaining hospital and urgent care resources during the pandemic, and recruiting during a time of historic staffing shortages.  But there is no talk in the community about long-term next steps for SJH.  We cannot sit on the fence, enjoying the fruits of the labors of the past.  Planning for the future – new ways of delivering health care as in televideo and telehealth care, enhanced medical records transfers, easier access for the underserved, not to mention capital projects to accommodate new diagnostic and treatment technologies.  We need to be ready.  I will provide the vision and ensure action are taken to secure the future of health care in Teton County.  

Per the American Hospital Association, hospital boards have a duty to ensure compliance with laws, to act based on the interests of the community, and to be diligent in the execution of their work.  I will ensure the highest quality, compliant programs and policies to guarantee that when you need help, it will be provided with the highest quality and integrity. 

Also per the AHA, boards are to govern, not manage the organization.  I know where the line is between governance and management, and I will ensure that the CEO is given a chance to earn his salary and use his talents to manage the daily affairs of SJH.  I will work collaboratively with other board members to ensure excellent management, approve strategic direction, and monitor performance of the executive team.

Finally, the AHA has established that hospital board members are to make policies and decisions, oversee performance, and build relationships with stakeholders.  I have over thirty years of experience in very large-scale program and project management, and I commit to a very active engagement with the people of Jackson and Teton County – as well as the employees and associates of SJH – in the activities, plans, decisions, and issues of SJH.  

This is your hospital.  I will represent your needs and expectations.  I will move forward on the board to address them with speed and accountability.  Please vote for me as one of the four positions on the St. John’s Board of Health on Nov. 8.  

Please see shannonabrennan.org for more information, ask questions, or make comments.