Septic Maintenance Cost-Share Program Open for Enrollment

JACKSON, WY — For the past two years, Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition members have spearheaded a community program offering Teton County, WY, residents the opportunity to receive a rebate for pumping septic systems which have not been maintained in the last five years. The program provides a 50% reimbursement (maximum of $150) for septic system pumping in Teton County, WY.

This will be the final year of the program, so if you haven’t yet participated, now is your time to do so. Enrollment is on a first-come, first served basis, so there’s no time to lose.

Since the start of this cost-sharing program in 2017, the initiative has provided reimbursements to approximately 250 households as a part of the effort to ensure all Teton County, WY, residential septic systems are properly maintained.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends septic systems are pumped every 3-5 years. If septic systems are not pumped, backup can occur and cause the entire system to fail. Septic system failure is a human and environmental health hazard that is impacting our waterways.

Remember when we learned that Flat Creek and Fish Creek exceeded the recreational contact standards for E. Coli in 2017?  This septic-maintenance cost-share program is just one of the ways Jackson Hole Clean Water coalition is trying to address the issue of increasingly contaminated waterways in our valley.

“Addressing potential water quality problems that arise from septic systems is the responsibility of individual property owners” said Teton Conservation District’s Water Resource Specialist Carlin Girard. “This program intends to help individual homeowners address this problem, and also ignite action between neighbors and friends that result in cleaner drinking water and safer waterways for the entire community.”

Here’s all you have to do to participate in this program:

  1. Enroll at before June 1 (first come, first serve!)
  2.  Schedule your septic maintenance
  3. Ask your septic system maintenance provider complete the required inspection checklist
  4. Submit the reimbursement materials
  5. Receive reimbursement upon approval

If you live in Teton County, WY, and have not had your septic system pumped in the last 5 years make sure you take advantage of this opportunity to cross this item off your home-owners to-do list and save some money while contributing to a healthier community while you’re at it!

Questions about this program can be directed to Teton Conservation District: (307) 733-2110, 420 W. Pearl Ave, Jackson, Wyoming, 83001.


Want to take a closer look (well, listen) into Teton County’s water quality issues? TCD Water Resource Specialist Carlin Girard takes a deep dive on the latest episode of Buckrail’s podcast. Listen online, on your phone’s local podcast app, or below:

About Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition:
The JH Clean Water Coalition arose from a collective desire to address the signs of impairment evident in Jackson Hole’s rivers and streams. As a group, we’re committed to significantly reducing the community’s pollution load to Jackson Hole’s waterways by engaging individuals, businesses, organizations, and government agencies in collaborative, science-based programs and initiatives to address the causes of our degraded water quality. Our founding members are: Friends of Fish Creek, Teton Conservation District and Trout Unlimited.

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