TCSAR team training earlier this summer. Photo: David Stubbs

JACKSON, Wyo. — On Sunday at around 1 p.m., Teton County Search and Rescue (TCSAR) volunteers were called to assist a man who’d been lost while trying to hike from Cache Creek to Granite Creek along the Highline route.

The team was able to make brief contact with the hiker over the phone, though his exact location was difficult to determine.

A hasty Search and Rescue ground team was sent up the Little Granite drainage to begin hiking in on foot. It was later discovered that the hiker ended up following a different drainage down Horse Creek, and eventually hit Henry’s Road near the Snake River. A volunteer met him at the road and gave him a lift back to town, while the remaining teams in the field returned to the hangar.

TCSAR reminds recreationists that this area of the Gros Ventre has a history of helping hikers lose their way. The trails are rarely maintained, if at all, and following the correct path can be tricky. In 2015, three sisters became lost in the same area for six days.

“We can also take this opportunity to remind people to download the free BackcountrySOS app to their smartphone. All you need is a tiny bit of cellular service to let emergency dispatch know your precise location. Just search for BackcountrySOS in your App Store,” said TCSAR and a post to social media this afternoon.

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