Screen Door Porch reunites for one-time live show at The Center

JACKSON, Wyo. — As a unit, Screen Door Porch informally disbanded in 2017. Each member had their own dreams and interests to pursue. Most of them were musical. Seadar Rose’s were not — they were professional and political.

“I’ve definitely taken a much bigger break and step back from music, which I just really needed at the time,” Rose said.

The pandemic offered Rose a chance to reconnect with music and with Screen Door Porch. Rose and her husband, SDP frontman (and the guy who typically covers music for Buckrail) Aaron Davis started playing together again in their Hoback cabin. They recorded a few live sessions from their living room. Rose “remembered how much fun [music] was.”

So the band — at least part of it — is back together, and taking The Center stage for a single show Thursday, August 6.

The live-streamed performance will be a duo with Rose and Davis — just them, their instruments, and a couple of cameras streaming their songs to the internet.

“I’m really excited The Center invited us,” Rose said. “We love that stage… It has a definite energy of its own.”

Of course, that energy might feel different without a live audience. Musicians “feed off of the energy of the audience,” Rose said. But that’s something musicians everywhere are trying to navigate right now. In the end, Rose said she and Davis know how they feel when they’re done with a song, and that’s what really matters.

“Our dog is very positive about the whole thing,” Rose joked. “I guess he’s a good judge.”

Friday’s show will include songs from SDP’s four studio albums, plus some new material they’ve been working on in isolation. Be it a product of a three-year hiatus or a sign of the times, Rose said she feels more connected with her music now, even her old songs.

“There are quite a few of mine that I had tired of back in 2017. Coming back to them, I had a new perspective,” she said. “It’s nice to come back to it and see it in a new way… It’s nice to walk away and come back and think, ‘that thing I thought was only ok actually makes me feel really good now. That’s honestly what matters.”

One day, post-pandemic, Rose and Davis will perform for live audiences again as Screen Door Porch. But that day will require venues like The Center to stay alive until then.

“I’m really excited that The Center figure out a way to pivot and offer programming,” Rose said. “I want to remind people: We don’t have a lot of music venues in this town… if music is your thing and you support live music, don’t forget to support the venues and the artists.”

Tune into Screen Door Porch’s live show Thursday, August 6 from 5-6 p.m via the Center for the Arts Facebook Page

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