Saddle Butte Fire prompts fire restrictions

JACKSON, WY — The still-active Saddle Butte Fire is the second wildland fire in Jackson in one month. So Teton County is implementing a partial fire restriction.

The partial fire restriction means that open fires are prohibited in the unincorporated area of Teton County until further notice.

Permitted under a Partial Fire Restriction: Campfires contained within an established fire ring at an established campground; Charcoal fires with enclosed grills; Use of home fire pits and bowls are permitted, so long as used with maximum 1/4 inch screen spark arresters.

The Saddle Butte Subdivision was evacuated earlier this afternoon and will remain evacuated through the night until crews can re-access the fire in the morning. Spring Creek Ranch/Resort, Amagani and Pine Siskin Road will move from Set to the Ready stage. The Deer Ridge Condos and Grand Design Building evacuations have been lifted and residents in this area are free to return to their homes.

If you have been evacuated and need assistance, Red Cross is standing by and can be reached by calling: 307-222-8272.


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