JACKSON, Wyo. — This past Tuesday, the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole recognized its “Students of the Season” from Jackson Hole High School, Summit Innovations High School, Jackson Hole Classical Academy, JH Community School and Mountain Academy.

“Students of the Season” highlights outstanding high school students from local schools.

The recognitions were kicked off by Kate Schelbe, Dean of Students at JH Community, who highlighted Clare Eddy. Schelbe remarked how Eddy “sets a tone of inclusivity” throughout the school and highlighted how she has given over 200 hours to Off Square Theatre locally. 

Clare shared how theatre has influenced her life. She recently gave her time and leadership talent as Student Director of “Matilda Jr.” Through her time as Student Director, she was responsible for kids ages 8 through 18 and experienced what collaboration can bring to a project. Eddy shared that she hopes to continue to pursue education and inspire the next generation. 

During the program, Dr. Scott Crisp, Principal of Jackson Hole High School, honored Student of the Season, Fort Evenson. Dr. Crisp remarked that Evenson is a productive and generous individual who recognizes that human skills are necessary as academics. 

Evenson, who lived in Mexico until he was eight years old, described the challenges of growing up as a minority. He moved to Teton County in 2012 and shared how welcoming the community was to him. He began to “change for the better” through sports and academics and attributes outdoor activities to providing “an appreciation for the valley.” Evenson hopes to return to JHHS as a history teacher to give back to the mentors and community who have given so much to him. 

David Porter introduced Cameryn Cross from the Mountain Academy as a student who takes hold of new concepts and brings enthusiasm to learning. Cross is a member of the Community Foundation Youth Philanthropy program, where local high school students discuss, debate and decide how to leverage philanthropy for maximum community impact.

Cross shared how although usually shy; he has pushed himself to engage more and bring his worth ethic to projects and conversation. He serves on the Student Leadership Council and volunteers at the Learning Academy. 

Brenna Dickerson from Summit Innovations High School was also honored as the Student of the Season by Pier Trudelle, who highlighted her insightfulness and compassion. 

Dickerson shared how she had “lost hope in her future and herself early in her high school years.” After struggling with whether she could be successful in school, she moved to Wyoming on her aunt’s invitation and re-enrolled in high school at Summit Innovations. Brenna is thriving thanks to a school she called more of a “community” and is now grasping at every opportunity possible. 

Jackson Hole Classical Academy instructor Monica Vitale introduced us to freshmen Oscar Andersen whom she described as “an asset to the school.”

Andersen spoke about how “you do not have to start the best at something, to achieve something.” He began running last spring on a whim and, in the fall of 2021, completed his first half marathon in Jackson. He has set a goal to finish a half marathon in every state by high school graduation. 

“We are honored to have students throughout the valley who share their stories and achievements with us,” says JH Rotary Lunch Club President Jim Waldrop. “Our students honored today and throughout the community have shown strength, vulnerability, and determination this year, and we recognize all of them and their achievements.”

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