Ticket to Space album cover art for "Outside My Door," by Chris Benchetler.

JACKSON, Wyo. — The concept of escaping one’s immediate surroundings and routines to be transported into another dimension is something everyone could use from time to time, and Ticket to Space embodies that idea as a Driggs-based quartet. From pop rock to prog rock, Tom Petty to Steely Dan and Rush, the project has established an original stamp through the shared songwriting and singing of bassist David Bundt and guitarist Tom Toxby. After a year of crafting and recording songs, the group is celebrating a debut album, Outside My Door, at the Silver Dollar Showroom on Thursday.

“What makes Ticket unique to the other groups we play with is that we’re writing the music and singing,” said Bundy, who teaches private lessons from his home and also plays bass with Calle Mambo and Aaron Davis & the Mystery Machine. “We’ve spent most all of our careers playing other people’s music and singing harmonies, which I love, but wanted to give this a try. When Tom and I met we each had a couple of songs up our sleeves and learned those and then it started to flow for both of us writing, and even co-writing in rehearsals.”

Ticket to Space (left to right): David Bundy, Mike Patton, Damon Scott, Tom Toxby. Photo: Geena Toxby

Released to streaming services October 1, Outside My Door is a fifty-minute set of ten original songs, including the synth-laced futuristic funk of “Kung Fu Clickfarm” and the contemplative “Gambles in Your Life.” Rounding out Ticket to Space in the studio and on stage is keyboardist/vocalist Mike Patton and drummer Damon Scott. Drummer Lyle Newcomb also contributed to song arrangements. The album was recorded and mixed by Greg Creamer, mastered by Brad Smalling, and features psychedelic cover art by Chris Benchetler, who has also worked with Atomic Skis and The Grateful Dead.

“We’re all inspired and motivated by our surroundings in the Tetons and I wrote ‘Outside My Door’ literally standing in my doorway looking at the Tetons,” Bundy added. “I always came up flat trying to write on the guitar so I switched to the bass, where I’m more comfortable, and had much more luck and fun writing a tune. Tom writes with his guitar. Riding snow and a love of rock and roll music are our biggest influences as a group.”

Ticket to Space album release party, 7-10:30 p.m. Thursday at the Silver Dollar Showroom. Free. A livestream of the second set will begin around 8 p.m. via Silver Dollar TV on YouTube. Free. WortHotel.com.

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Aaron Davis is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer-engineer at Three Hearted Recording Studio, covering the Teton County music scene as a journalist-photographer since 2005.