JACKSON, Wyo. — As of yesterday Dec. 22, Roadhouse Brewing Co. officially owns Melvin Brewing Company.

Last month, representatives from both brewing companies confirmed that Roadhouse signed a purchase agreement to acquire Melvin Brewing and its operations. The price of the acquisition remains confidential.

“Both breweries have a similar origin story, which began with the love of craft beer, homebrewing and the mountain lifestyle,” said Colby Cox, co-founder of Roadhouse Brewery Group.

Melvin Brewing Company has broad distribution across 27 states and multiple accolades, including winning Small Brewpub and Brewery Group of the Year. Roadhouse has gained its own notoriety as an award-winning regional brewery, often touted for cross-breeding old-world styles with American-Craft ingenuity.

“We both started in a garage with a chip on our shoulder”, Cox said. “We were contrarians with unwavering passion and a brash belief that we could influence the future of Craft Beer. I can promise you that won’t change.”

The combination of both breweries, located 35 miles apart, will produce 50,000 barrels in 2023 and will have the ability to grow to 80,000 barrels in the coming years with new investments that Roadhouse plans to make. Among those are a state-of-the-art rotary canning line and the expansion of the Melvin Tap Room in Alpine, WY.

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