River report: It’s prime time

JACKSON, WY — If you’re looking to get on the river, this is one of the best weeks to do it.

The Snake is flowing through the canyon at about 16,000 cfs (cubic feet per second) right now, which typically only lasts for about a week or two out of the year. It’s a great time to float the canyon and see rapids surge in ways you won’t get to see once the river gets back down to typical flows. Waves like Double Draw, Champagne, Cottonwoods, and, of course, Lunch Counter are incredible right now.

The Snake might see one more bump like this depending on flows out of Jackson Lake, but we’re likely close to seeing high water for the year.

The River Report is brought to you by Dave Hansen Whitewater. Ready to hit the river? Book a trip with Jackson’s “Best Rafting Company” five years running. 


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