Relocated moose appears to be getting along in his new home

WYOMING – Wyoming Game and Fish is encouraged by recent trail cam footage that shows a relocated moose apparently doing fine after he was scooped out of a tight spot a few months ago.

In October, Game and Fish helped out a young bull moose that was stuck in a tight spot just below Buffalo Bill Dam west of Cody. The moose was darted, lifted out of a canyon with a crane truck, loaded into a horse trailer, and then successfully relocated west of Meeteetse to more suitable habitat.

The young bull, which is easily identifiable because of his sawed-off antlers, recently made an appearance on a trail camera used by biologists to collect information related to moose movements, densities and mature bull numbers in the Wood River drainage. The moose appears to be doing well.

When the moose was captured, Game and Fish removed the antlers for the safety of the animal during transport and as a human safety precaution because the moose was chemically immobilized with a drug that has a withdrawal period of 90 days. Withdrawal period is the length of time you have to wait to safely consume the meat from an animal that has received certain drugs.

Removing the antlers made this moose less likely to be harvested this year, during the withdrawal time. Next year, the moose will grow his antlers like normal.

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