Ready for the bag ban?

JACKSON, WY — Don’t forget: Starting April 15, larger grocers will no longer use single-use plastic bags at point-of-sale.

Ordinance 1205, aka the “plastic bag ban,” passed in January, and phase one goes into effect on April 15.

What’s this mean? From April 15 on, businesses can no longer distribute any plastic bags and point-of-sale. Produce bags, dry cleaner bags, etc. are exempt. So shoppers will need to remember to bring their own reusable bags or pay a fee for a paper bag.

Buckrail offered some tips for consumers when the ordinance passed in January — refresh your memory.

For businesses, Town of Jackson and Teton County’s Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling have compiled some helpful tips to prepare for the day some celebrate, others dread.

Read ISWR’s complete bag ban guide here.

Here are some tips from retailers in other communities that have also implemented plastic bag bans.


  • Begin to display signs in visible locations such as cashier stations and entry doors to let customers know that single-use plastic bags will no longer be available.
  • Preparing your front-line employees to help customers make the shift to reusable bags is key, both so they understand why the community supported the ban and how they can play an important role in implementation, to benefit both your company and the community.
  • Front-line employees can immediately begin to ask customers, “Did you bring a bag you would like me to use?” “Would you like to purchase a reusable bag?” “Do you need a bag?” instead of automatically giving them out.


  • Display reminders in store parking lot/windows: “Don’t forget to grab your reusable bags?”
  • Give a reusable bag away for free if the customer makes a purchase over a set amount.
  • Have store-brand bags act as permanent coupons for a discount off purchases.
  • Donate to a local non-profit organization for each reusable bag used to pack customer purchases.
  • Give a discount for each reusable bag used to pack customer purchases.

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