Photo: NPS

MOOSE, WY — Drivers in Grand Teton National Park can expect to see more law enforcement on the roads this weekend.

Grand Teton National Park law enforcement rangers will conduct increased patrols Saturday, July 13 and Sunday, July 14 to promote safe driving practices. Park rangers will look for driver and vehicle safety violations and impaired drivers.

Park law enforcement rangers are committed to visitor safety on roadways. With more than 150 miles of roads, Grand Teton’s unique driving conditions can be challenging due to high traffic volumes, road construction, rapidly-changing weather conditions, and visitors and wildlife on roadways.

Rangers also patrol park roadways on a routine basis and respond to numerous reports of vehicles operating unsafely and motor vehicle accidents.

All drivers should observe and obey posted speed limits, be alert for wildlife, and never drive when impaired by drugs, alcohol or fatigue. All vehicle occupants are required to wear a seat belt and open containers of alcohol are not allowed in a vehicle.