Porcelain Bowl raises money for much-needed privvy

TETON VALLEY, IDA – As if right on cue the lone bathroom at the Kotler Ice Arena went ‘out of order’ during a fundraiser to build an additional bathroom.

At one point during the fundraiser for an additional bathroom at the Kotler Ice Arena, the only bathroom went on the fritz. (TVF)

Whether it was the perfectly-timed case-in-point example, or just tons of people having fun at the first-ever Porcelain Bowl Blowout 3-on-3 pond hockey tournament, it’s hard to say. But the end result was a whopping  $5,729 raised for the rink’s Capital Campaign to add another bathroom to the facilities.

“The inaugural event was an overflowing success,” joked organizers. The potty party continues as Teton Valley Foundation is still accepting donations of money and all this week, food. Bring a canned food item and receive $2 off open skate admission. The food pantry is in special need of canned meats and mixed veggies. (Please no pumpkin or cranberries).

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