Poll shows Wyoming approval of Trump’s handling of COVID slipping

JACKSON, Wyo. — A new poll shows approval for President Trump’s response to COVID to be falling in nearly every state since April. During a three-month span (April 17 – June 28), Wyomingites surveyed are more in support of Governor Mark Gordon’s management of the pandemic than the president’s and almost two-thirds of Mountain West residents think Trump is not doing a good job.

The new report — The COVID-19 Consortium for Understanding the Public’s Policy Preferences Across States — from Northeastern University, Harvard University, Rutgers University, and Northwestern University, was released on July 7.

The findings show a broad, nearly nationwide pattern of declining executive support. Some states have seen their governor’s approval rate slip right along with the Commander in Chief. Others, like Wyoming, are showing an increase in support for their governor’s handling of the coronavirus.

According to the report’s authors:

“We find near-uniform declines across subgroups in assessments of the president’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Exploration of the erosion of support for the president suggests that this decline is fairly similar across parties, genders, racial and ethnic groups, age, education, and income.

“The education breakdowns, however, do reveal some notable differences. All education groups substantially downgraded their assessments of the president’s performance on the pandemic except for those with graduate degrees, whose approval rating differs from late-April by only two percentage points. When we compare across education and age groups, we also observe a particularly large drop of approval of Trump’s response among respondents ages 65 and older with a high school education or less—from 56% to 44%.”

Approval for Republican governors was particularly polarized. Four governors had approval ratings at 70% or above — all Republicans in Democratic-leaning states (Massachusetts, Maryland, Vermont, and New Hampshire); and ten governors with approval ratings below 45%, where eight are Republicans in Republican-leaning states.

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