The Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club‘s Pica’s Margarita Cup kicked off last night with a solid showing from some of Jackson’s most professional, non-professional racers in the game.

If you missed it, tune in each week to find out who made the leaderboard!

1.14 Race Results:

World Domination took home the gold last night with a narrow 2 point lead over the Slender Billed Cockatoos, sponsored by Buckrail.  Rounding out the podium were the Powder Chasers in 3rd.

The Flynn brothers battled for the top spot, but George Flynn had the fastest time with a 31.98 in the red course and a 32.47 in blue course. Bart Flynn took second, and closely following for a full Nomad Sports overall podium sweep was Kris Hopkins.

Keely Kelleher from Slender Billed Cockatoos, and Annie Rendall from World Domination smoked the women’s field with the two fastest times of the evening (first and second respectively), with Brittney Ziebell from Farmer Payne Architects team in third.

See Individual Race Results and Team Standings.

Photo: Jonathan Selkowitz. Andy Parazette and Kent McBride racing in a dual giant slalom during the first race of the 2019 Pica’s Margarita Cup series hosted by the Jackson Hole Ski and Snowboard Club on Snow King Mountain.

Marg Cup Drop-In Rate:
Bring your friends to Marg Cup! One-time drop-in rate is $15. Everyone welcome to race. Drop-in includes entry into weekly raffle.


Racer Tickets:
Reminder Snow King Mountain will be offering $30 racer tickets for Marg Cuppers at Summit Lift ticket window.

Local’s tip: you can also use your Ski Club Membership Card for one complimentary night skiing ticket at SK (plus tons of other local discounts). Don’t have a membership card? Get yours HERE for $40.


Dunk Tank Challenge!

For those who attended last night, you may have noticed a big, colorful contraption – it’s an indoor dunk tank! It works just like a regular dunk tank, except the water is dropped onto the person. This addition is intended to add a little fun, consequence, and prizes to any side bets. Here’s how it works:

  • Two racers make a side bet to see who of the two will have the fastest time of the evening.
  • Racers can be on the same, or different teams.
  • After each racer’s runs, the person with the fastest time has the honor of being the “thrower.”
  • The person with the slower time gets in the splash chamber.
  • Thrower gets 4 balls, must throw from behind the line.
  • Person in the splash chamber can wear their Gore Tex… or not.
  • Balls get thrown after 6:30 and before the evening’s final raffle.
  • Maximum of 6 side bets per race.
  • Sign up on the sheet next to the dunk tank before taking your runs.
  • Each person who signs up for the challenge (and stays ’till the bet is settled) will receive 10 extra raffle tickets AND a Melvin beer!
  • Raffle tickets will be included in each race’s raffle for remainder of the season, including final raffle for Blizzard Skis & Tecnica Boots on Mar 4! (must be present to win).
  • Each person must agree to the bet.
  • If you write in someone’s name and they haven’t agreed to the bet, your name gets taken out of that night’s raffle.

Will you accept the challenge?