Pets and their peeps enjoy Victor dog park upgrades

TETON VALLEY, Idaho — A partnership between PAWS and the City of Victor has helped secure funding and logistical support to design and build a second dog park entrance on the west side of the dog park near the pathway.

The upgrade creates a separate and safe fenced-off section for small dogs. The project was also able to outfit the City of Victor’s Sherman Park and Victor Dog Park with five new Mutt Mitt Stations.

And it couldn’t have come at a better time.

As COVID continues to impact everyone’s lives, the Victor Dog Park is proving to be a valuable community asset for Teton Valley and its citizens. By social distancing and wearing masks, it can safely be a gathering spot for people to bring their pets to exercise and socialize with other pets.

Meanwhile, there are many benefits for the people, too. The park is a place where people can engage in conversations, build relationships, and exchange community information regarding upcoming events, schools, doctors, and veterinarians.

The park is also a leash free area that allows dogs to run and play safely away from wildlife, congested trails and private property. Pets are important members of the family, offering love, companionship, and emotional support.

Pets have been proven to reduce stress and provide purpose in their owners’ lives. They give people a reason to get outside for much-needed fresh air.

PAWS hopes to continue to work with the City of Victor and local pet owners to review the needs of the Victor Dog Park and identify projects that will benefit pets, people and the community.

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