Pet of the Week: Meet Kit Kat

JACKSON, Wyo. — Meet Kit Kat Paddy Whack, give this dog a bone!

Kit Kat is an eager young dog looking for guidance in his life. He is good with other dogs as long as he is properly introduced and not threatened. New dogs make him nervous and frightened, but with proper patience and intro’s he can make friends.

Kit Kat is working on basic manners and impulse control and learning that he can’t always get exactly what he wants when he wants it. Patience, dear grasshopper, patience.

Speaking of grasshoppers, Kit Kat is athletic, springy and enjoys nature. While he is not the ideal roommate for cats or chickens, he is an ideal roommate for an active family. He would thrive as the only dog in the household so that his human(s) can dedicate the time needed to help make him comfortable in this big world.

Kit Kat has been preparing himself for a forever family for quite some time, could he be training to be your special dog?

Kit Kat is available for adoption from the Animal Adoption Center, (307) 739-1881.

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