Party with a huge prize: AMPL Recreation Celebration

JACKSON, WY– Advocates for Multi-Use of Public Lands (AMPL) is throwing a party to celebrate its first year of accomplishments, and they guarantee the best raffle ever.

The raffle has been running since June. They figured with a prize so big, they might as make a party out of it. The prize : $12,000 to spend on any outdoor recreation-based purchase. Snowmobiles. Dirt bikes. Skis. Mountain bikes. As many toys as $12,000 can buy.

“We’re celebrating our first year, and inviting the recreation community to come,” said AMPL co-founder Jesse Combs. “Reinforcing how important it is for us to be able to have multi-use recreation opportunities.”

By multi-use recreation, Combs primarily means mechanized and motorized recreation. AMPL is “dedicated to the preservation of public lands and national forests for the benefit of and the multi-recreational use by the broad population of our regional communities,” according to their website. Under the Wilderness Act, activities like snowmobiling, dirt biking and mountain biking are illegal in public lands that are designated as “wilderness”—which is around 82 percent of Teton County’s public lands. Wilderness Act advocates argue that mechanized recreation damages natural landscapes and distracts users from surrounding scenery. AMPL’s mission is to protect “existing mechanized and motorized recreation opportunities in the region,” Combs said.

AMPL invites you to celebrate with them Thursday, January 18 rom 5-9 pm in the Elk’s Lodge. Free food from Big Hole BBQ, drinks, music and  a guaranteed good time are all included. The raffle drawing is at 8 pm sharp. Raffle tickets are $25 and are for sale at many of their favorite retailers, and at the event. All ticket sale proceeds will go straight back into AMPL, which is now officially a 501(c)(3).


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