Our favorite reactions to our kangaroo April Fool’s Day story

No, 90 kangaroos were not released in Wyoming. It was, as most realized, an April Fool’s Day joke. We here at Pitchengine have a history of creating April Fool’s stories (remember when Fremont County was renamed County 10?), and this was far and away our biggest yet. And we wouldn’t have been able to pull it off if it wasn’t for our crazy pixel-pushing team for the amazing photo transformation.

No fooling: more than 2 million people around the world read it. Melbourne, Sidney, and Brisbane were among the top 20 cities to view the post. Snopes and the Washington Post shared it in round-ups of some of the best April Fool’s Day stories. A Utah site tagged onto it with their own ridiculous spin. And as the Wyoming Migration Initiative, which played along with us, has said in its follow-up: releasing kangaroos would be a bad idea.

If you were following along, you saw there was no shortage of fun comments. Here are a few of our favorites.

Oh it’s April 1st. Never mind- I was totally going to go spy on Wyoming roo’s the internet fooled me

Longmire would be truly ashamed of you.

At first I was like “What? F*ing really? They wouldnt survi— ohhh” then remembered the day…. Now Im kinda sad we arent getting Kangaroos in Wyoming. XD

Well, when I took my Jackelope’s on vacation to Australia the kangaroos tried to mate with my Jackelope and practically killed them. I think this is a bad idea as it will endanger our Jackelope population. Or if perhaps the meeting is successful, Wyoming will become famous for the Jackaroo.

My husband went on a 10 minute rant before I finally asked him what the date was! Bahahaha…. Well played County10!!!

Alright!! More jobs for Roo wranglers, Roo ranching, Roo roundups!!!! Not to mention the culinary values!! Roo-BBQ’s, Roo on a stick, Roo pie…. the list and possibilities are endless! I’m telling ya all; I’m excited!

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