JACKSON, Wyo. — With financial education bringing a much-needed tool to households of varying sizes and budgets, One22 Resource Center is thrilled to have recently completed its October financial empowerment series.

Eight households completed the entire series. Through this program, participants boosted their individual and families’ ability to budget income and expenses, understand credit, set goals for debt management and create a household budget.

Photo: One22 Resource Center

Participants included One22 and Teton Literacy Center clients and the Children’s Learning Center Head Start participants. Parents participating in this series encourage learning through each other’s questions and situations. 

Cassie Russell, David Alexander and Samantha Romero of Social Solutions developed One22’s In-Person and Virtual Financial Empowerment Series. It includes bilingual materials from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the FDIC’s Money Smart Financial Education Program, the Federal Trade Commission and the University of Minnesota Extension.

Facilitators were Alina Andraca and Manuelita Franco. They worked closely with Russell to tailor the classes to address local interests, including utilizing a range of community resources to bring down household expenses, planning tax payments as a contractor and accessing financial services with an individual tax identification number (ITIN).

“Being able to spearhead your financial goals is essential to every person, and providing the knowledge and tools is the key to success,” says One 22 Program Director Isabel Zumel. “We were delighted with the comfort level between our facilitators and the participants, allowing for productive conversation and questions during the series. Financial knowledge and insights are critical to planning your future and advocating for yourself.”