The busiest November in GTNP on record was in 1999 with 63,873 recreation visits. Photo: Nick Sulzer // Buckrail

MOOSE, Wyo. — November in Grand Teton National Park (GTNP) was the second busiest on record according to statistics shared by the park.

GTNP hosted an estimated 61,674 recreation visits in November 2021. This is a 28% increase from November 2019 and an 8% increase from November 2020.

In 2021 alone, the park has hosted over 3.8 million recreation visits and surpassed the busiest full year on record back in September.

From January to November 2021, there was a 9% increase in recreation visits compared to the entire year of 2018, which previously hosted the park’s highest amount of visitation on record with 3,491,151 recreation visits.

November recreation visits over the last several years:
November 2021— 61,674
November 2020— 57,039* COVID-19 pandemic
November 2019— 48,132
November 2018— 44,651
November 2017— 45,496
November 2016— 50,508

The busiest November on record was in 1999 with 63,873 recreation visits.

Additional data on National Park Service visitor-use statistics can be viewed here.

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