Niki Sue Mueller shares her love of learning with the Jackson community—through yoga, exercise, astrology, and more. Photo: Peter Lobozzo

Written by Emily Simpson

JACKSON, Wyo.—Niki Sue Mueller is a name many in town know—for her challenging workouts and yoga classes taught at various studios around town. She has also won Best Yoga Teacher in Best of Jackson Hole for many years in a row. But what many may not know, is that Mueller’s specialties extend off the mat as well, in the form of astrological and tarot readings through her business Niki Sue Yoga and Astrology.

For Mueller, the practices of astrology and yoga work well together—both allow an individual to gain more insight into themselves. “The teachings of yoga are laid out to understand the self, so is the way that tarot and astrology are designed,” says Mueller. “Every time I teach a class or do a reading….the practice of yoga and the lessons of astrology, the insights of self, I can observe it working on people and it has a profound effect.”

During a 60, 90, or 120-minute session, Mueller reads an astrological chart based off a client’s birth time, date, and location. With this information, she provides the client with some insight into what planets, stars, and asteroids were working together (or in opposition of one another) at the time.

I had a chance to sit down (via Zoom) with Mueller for a reading of my own. After having shared my own birth information, she opened the session by showing me the alter she had created in my honor with various crystals, feathers, and a sound bowl that were meaningful to her. She then kicked off the session by pulling two cards from a tarot deck. She explained the cards’ significance, which set the stage for our 60-minutes together. Using Zoom, she was able to share with me my chart and methodically walked me through the various numbers and symbols scattered around the chart. Although I’ve always believed myself to be a Gemini through and through (if you know you know), she shared that at the time of my birth, the moon was rising in Leo. Donning her teacher’s cap, Mueller explained how the qualities of Leo presented in my life and continued to educate me on what it meant that a various asteroid was a certain degree away from a planet at the time of my birth. What struck me the most during the session was not that Mueller had me pegged (that she did), but the time she took in explaining, educating, and sharing her own knowledge with me.

Much like any therapeutic practice, the session helps clients gain an understanding of their emotions, feelings, and how they navigate the world and Mueller is passionate about sharing this with her clients. Without knowing a client’s mental history, personal characteristics, or way of being prior, she is able to see a narrative about their life, explained by the astrology as it was mapped out at the time of birth. Throughout her time studying astrology and tarot, Mueller has used the learnings to understand her own mental health journey. Much of what she’s discovered, she says, is that many of her readings validate her own experiences in life, and that of her clients as well. “People have very heartfelt responses to these readings,” says Mueller, “They say things like ‘I’ve always felt this way’ and it is a very authentic experience for them”

In a town like Jackson where athleticism reigns supreme, Mueller understands that these practices aren’t for everyone, and so she’s passionate about continuing teaching personal fitness and yoga: “What I offer opens different pathways to meeting people where they are. Some people I need to meet on the mat with fitness. Some people want to get super deep into the tarot. It’s different for everyone but so many of us are in the same place. We are just trying to gain insight. We are trying to feel better inside and out.” For those who do find themselves feeling grounded through exercise, Niki Sue can be found teaching at Inversion, VIM, as well as through private instruction.

As far as her favorite businesses around town? “Creekside is a community staple,” she says. “The best sandwich in town with the hardest working folks.” So if you don’t happen to find Niki Sue at the studio, you may see her there picking up a sandwich before hitting the trails with her two children and dogs, not-so-ironically-named, Sunny and Luna.

To learn more about astrology readings, tarot, yoga and more, visit Mueller’s website at