New signs will inform truckers earlier about Pass restrictions

JACKSON HOLE, WYO –Idaho Transportation Department (ITD), in compliance with requests from WYDOT, installed new informational signs for truckers bound for Teton Pass.

ITD crews removed the old trailer warning signs on Idaho State Highway 33 (WYO 22) at mile marker 110.69 (near Rexburg) and 138.79 (near Driggs) and have replaced them with upgraded versions. New warning signs near Victor and the state line will also be installed.  The existing sign near the Trail Creek Campground will be removed, as the “no trailer” restriction applies to WYO 22 Teton Pass, which begins at the state line.

“Idaho has always been responsive to WYDOT’s requests for assistance—whether it’s a project or operations,” WYDOT district traffic engineer Darin Kaufman said.

One of the new signs installed in Idaho to warn truckers of restrictions on Teton Pass. (WYDOT)

The existing Teton Pass warning sign on WYO 22 near Wilson at mile marker 3.63 has been replaced with two modified signs.  Another enhanced sign has been installed near mile marker 4.9.

The new signs are part of the comprehensive efforts by WYDOT to alleviate violations and help clarify the “all trailers” restriction in the winter and the “overweight tractor trailer” restrictions year round. Some over-the-road hauling companies do not adequately inform their drivers of weight and seasonal restrictions on Teton Pass. Additionally, some GPS route making software does not include restriction, either. This results in truckers making the decision to use Teton Pass and finding out when they get to the base of the pass that they are not allowed over. For some, that’s too late to backtrack and they head over anyway.

Trucks found in violation of the trailer and/or weight restrictions are subject to Wyoming State Statute 24-1-109, running a road closure, and the driver can be fined up to $435.  In addition, law enforcement could charge the driver with careless driving, which could lead to a $235 fine or reckless driving, which could lead to up to six months in jail and/or a maximum $750 in fines.

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