New radar signs on JH pathways, ‘smile’ for safe speeds

JACKSON, Wyo. — There’s no secret the pathways in Jackson Hole have been crowded this summer. “Our pathways are becoming like our roads,” said Katherine Dowson, Executive Director of Friends of Pathways.

In an effort to mitigate high speeds and keep the pathways safe for all users, Freinds of Pathways recently purchased two mobile radar speed sensors.

Friends of Pathways hope that the signs will help remind people to slow down in congested areas along the pathways. “Our overall complaint this summer was the speeds people were using to pass people on foot,” said Dowson.

Dowson discussed the increase in pathway usage this year, in terms of visitors but especially in the spring when people were not traveling due to Covid-19. “In May and April there was a 200% increase compared to 2019, on the Wilson Centennial path,” said Dowson.

With financial assistance from the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, Friends of Pathways purchased and placed the radar signs a few weeks ago at Garaman Park and along the Wilson Centennial Pathway, near Stilson. Data collected by Friends of Pathways found that the park was the most traveled area with speed concerns.

The radar signs, although a lot like the ones found on our roads, “are not a law enforcement tool, they are an educational tool” said Dowson.

When a rider passes a radar sign the goal should be to make it “Smile”, a smiley face will appear if a rider is going a safe speed for that section of the pathway.

The radar signs will be moved around the pathway network next summer, placed in areas with speed concerns and high congestion. The signs will be stored for the winter.

The hope is that the radar signs will remind cyclists to slow down in congested areas and pass people at a safe speed while using bells and verbal announcements.

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