Moose calf hit on Highway 390

JACKSON, WY — Another moose has been hit and killed on Highway 390. This one was just a calf.

Wilson resident Gale Roosevelt saw the calf with its mom last night in John Dodge, alive and well. She stopped to take a photo. When she walked out this morning, she found the calf’s body on the west side of the road, between Aster Lane and Hunters Road.

“It just ruined my day,” Roosevelt said.

Teton County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Lloyd Funk confirmed the collision happened at a little after 9 p.m. yesterday on the west side of the road near John Dodge. Wyoming Highway Patrol took the case, but the calf’s body was still on display this morning. Normally, Wyoming Game & Fish would respond. But the local game wardens are all out of town, said Game & Fish PIO Mark Gocke. They haven’t had a chance to respond.

Gale Roosevelt snapped this photo of the calf and its mother just last night.

This is the latest in a series of moose fatalities on Teton County roads this summer. Highway 390 is particularly lethal. In June, two moose were killed just a week apart in nearly the same spot, at the intersection of Highway 22 and 390. Gocke recalled one night where a warden responded to two reports of moose being hit in one night – one he never found, but a bull had reportedly been hit by Spring Gulch. Gocke has lost track of how many moose have died (though he’s working on an official tally, which Buckrail will share as soon as it’s available).

“It’s always bummer,” Gocke said. And it’s especially political this summer, now that a $10,000,000 wildlife crossings project is on the November 2019 SPET ballot. Game & Fish also collared 10 moose along Highway 390 to monitor their movements. So far, all of those moose are ok and accounted for.

Roosevelt didn’t see the calf’s mom anywhere this morning. She’s eagerly awaiting an official tally of moose fatalities. “Nobody seems to care,” she said.

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