Michael Kudar, “The ultimate resolvers of our problem are the voters”

JACKSON, Wyo. — Mayoral candidate Michael Kudar said the community and region have caught on to the dysfunction and he said council members are ignoring its people. What tore the final curtain for Kudar was when Vice Mayor and the entire town council did not call a motion to ask Muldoon to give up his gavel after a community citizen courageously proved the Jackson Hole Mayor digitally harassed them in the last few days.

According to Kudar, “Muldoon had no business in leading the remainder of the meeting. The meaningful civic response was abandoned and signaled to me transparency is unreformed.”

When asked about the council’s leadership, Kudar said he could admire the longevity of some having served two terms. Bur Kudar is not sure all longevity leads to the capacity for strong leadership in these times, the next four years.

Kudar said he probably spent the better part of the last several months reviewing council meeting videos and minutes and reading press accounts and particularly looking at voting records. Since June, 77 votes have been called. Vice Mayor and Mayor are nearly matched in their voting record, 76:75 Yeas respectively. A further concern for him, there has been only one Nay between Mayor and Vice Mayor in the period between June 1 – Sept 21. Over time, Kudar sees the current group’s status quo has a set of beliefs and practices which in the long run have contributed to the council becoming progressively dysfunctional in carrying out its leadership role.

“Jackson voters are the head coach of this team,’’ he said. “And if the team is demonstrating some of the factors mentioned here, this community is going to have to decide who they select, why they select and whether or not they have confidence in that person and turn what they perceive to be these dysfunctionalities around in the council. I don’t think it’s capable of handling within the council.’’
Those whose terms will expire at the end of 2020 are Vice Mayor Hailey-Mortenson Levinson (8 years) and Mayor Pete Muldoon (4 years).

Kudar understands voters could reelect the same players. On the other hand, his campaign believes voters expect more out of their elects. His supporters are ready for new players for a future based on leadership intent rather than fate. Kudar is confident he and other new candidates have the proactive experience and collaborative tools to move Jackson forward into the future it desires.
“On November 3rd, the ultimate resolvers of our problem are the voters of the community. Let’s see what direction they want to move in.”

Jackson residents can learn more about the mayoral candidate’s top priorities and positions by following his platform and MK4MAYOR Podcast Series.

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