Make it easier to walk in this winter wonderland

JACKSON, WY— Here in Jackson, visitors and residents alike live the classic holiday song “Winter Wonderland” every day.

But it’s not always easy! Walking on snow and ice can be dangerous. Which is why the Town of Jackson is reminding residents to do their part in removing snow from town sidewalks. Help make this a more walkable community.

For many private property owners, it is their duty to remove snow from sidewalks according to Town Ordinance. Check out the town’s snow plow maps below—if your property isn’t outlined, you’re responsible for your own snow removal.

“The Parks Department’s primary responsibility during the winter months is to provide safe commuter access through our sidewalk and pathway system in the Town of Jackson,” said Andy Erskine, Parks Manager. The collaborative effort that takes place between Public Works, Parks and the community with respect to keeping sidewalks free of snow is a critical piece of providing safe pedestrian access throughout Town. Private property owners a crucial piece of the puzzle, thus the Ordinance requiring snow removal. We are all invested in keeping our community safe and accessible, it’s a true team effort.”

It’s also the nice, neighborly thing to do. Safer sidewalks benefit everybody. Be a good neighbor — if you know someone who may have difficulty shoveling their sidewalk, offer to help them out! It is the season of giving, after all.

“Prioritizing safe streets and pedestrian corridors is a must in a community that gets the volume of snow that we do each year,” said Jackson Police Chief Todd Smith. “We absolutely need the help of the public to keep sidewalks in front of their business or home clear of snow for the safety of those who choose to walk to their destination. We all know how busy or streets have become, so those who get out of a car and walk are helping to be part of the solution, the least we can do it give them a path that is clear of snow to make it a little safer and easier so they choose to keep doing it.”

While you’re shoveling your sidewalks, remember to keep fire hydrants accessible. Public Works (307-733-3079) and Teton County Parks and Recreation (307 733-5056) are happy to respond to questions and concerns about snow removal.

Snow plow routes East Jackson. (TOJ)
Snow plow routes West Jackson. (TOJ)

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