Mailing in your ballot? Time is running out

JACKSON, Wyo. — Okay, you are voting by mail. Smart, safe choice. Easily done and you avoid all that waiting-in-line business on August 18 and November 3. And, hey, you can still tell your boss you need a couple of hours off to vote on election day even if you already have. We won’t say anything. Just do your civic duty.

But if you are mailing in your ballot, here’s something to keep in mind. Your ballot needs to be in the hands of the county clerk by election day. It’s not like the IRS and tax returns where it’s the postmark that counts.

So, considering leadership changes at the United States Postal Service has mail service backed up all over the country, you might want to factor in some extra time getting your vote to the county.

For the primary, your ballot had better be in the mail soon. If you have not yet requested one, do so now. The USPS recommends at least a 14-day turn-around from requesting a ballot, to receiving it, to mailing it back. That window is quickly closing.

“Also, some people think it is too late to register to vote,” said County Clerk Maureen Murphy. “You can still register to vote (in person) up until August 17.”

Voters must also register with a party if they wish to take part in partisan primary races. You do not have to be party affiliated to vote in non-partisan races like the town council or mayor, as long as you live in town.

If you feel like there is no way the postal service will get your ballot delivered by August 18, there are options. You can hand-deliver the ballot to the Teton County Clerk’s office at 200 S Willow Street in Jackson. There is a delivery slot outside the building where your ballot can be dropped off anytime, day or night.

Voters may request and send absentee ballots to the Teton County Clerk’s office, P.O. Box 1727 Jackson, WY 83001-1727.

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