MADE to deliver custom gift boxes in response to social distancing

JACKSON, Wyo. — As businesses across the nation are temporarily shutting their doors, Jackson’s locally-owned shops and restaurants are doing what they can to continue serving the community, brighten spirits and protect the local economy.

To do their part, John Frechette and Christian Burch, owners of MADE, Mountain Dandy, Mursell’s and M have closed their shops temporarily to contribute to the effort of the town and the country to slow the rate of transmission.

However, they do share the same concerns that all small local business owners have. Will they emerge with businesses on the other side of this crisis, and will they be able to provide for their employees?

In hopes of addressing these issues, but also in hopes of spreading a little bit of joy during a difficult time, Frechette and Burch are launching a Quarantine Box initiative in addition to their regularly functioning online stores.

In order to alleviate a little bit of stress that may come from the extended time at home, Frechette and Burch will be creating boxes full of products that can be purchased for home delivery locally and left on your porch without any interaction, or FedExed to loved ones across the country.

“We really think this will bring a little happiness to loyal small business customers across Jackson that are wondering how to get through the next few weeks of uncertainty,” says Frechette.

Depending on your budget (there are $50, $100, $150, and Deluxe options), these boxes will include items such as sweets, puzzles, candles, skincare, playing cards, stationery and more.

The online form (find it at gives you the opportunity to specify the types of items you would like to be included in your box, or you can choose to be completely surprised.

Frechette and Burch hope this initiative will give small business supporters the opportunity to not only continue patronizing their favorite shops but will also help everyone get through a few weeks of staying in.

“So many people want to help local businesses in any way they can right now, and this initiative will hopefully give people that chance and also give us the revenue to keep some employees working,” says Frechette.

“They can support local businesses by continuing to shop small while giving their loved ones something to smile about.”

“Yes, this will help our business stay afloat during our closure,” added Burch. “But we delivered to two doorsteps yesterday and received pictures and messages of happy families who had already been cooped up for a bit of time.”

Surprise your grandparents who can’t leave the house, your neighbor whose kids are running out of things to do, your family members across the country or anyone else in your life who is struggling and could use a little pick-me-up. Knowing what to do at this time might be difficult, but a kind gesture is a good place to start.

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